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Marketing vs Copyright & Private Information

Ramon Murguia Private Infromation Facebook

There has been a lot of discussion to regulate the usage and privacy of personal information for companies. Today Facebook announced a new feature about “Why am I seeing this post?” Similar to “Why am I seeing this ad?. although the feature has been around since 2014, the new feature will provide more options to users trhough a drop down menu with the information about why is appearing in your feed, along with personalization tools.

Ramon Murguia Private Facebook Tools

This new tools are coming in a moment where many incidents have happen to Facebook, however providing transparency could create more certainty on how you are ranked, grouped, prioritized or selected for specific infromation. Some of the information that you will be getting on your post feed and you will be able to understand now, has a relationship with the groups you have joined recently, a new friend or a page you have liked. Moreover, how often you interact with type of post (i.e. likes, videos, etc), popularity and people.

The menu will give you the option to personalize your feed, from what to see first, unfollow, news feed preference and it will tell users if an ad appeared in their News Feed because a company uploaded their contact lists, like emails, phone or if they worked with a marketing partner to place the ad.

In addition, from the publishers side, last tuesday, the European Parliament passed a sweeping new law that will change the way copyright is policed online for all 28 nations in the European Union. The Copyright Directive has proved massively controversial. Firstly because search engines or similar site providers will have to pay publishers for reproducing short extracts of their material. Since Google refuses to pay, they will potentially minimize the content and less traffic will be generated to specific sites. In fact, making changes to specific usage of songs, video, and other copyright measurement. Making the seargc companies as a money making machine for revenue and taxes.

Ramon Murguia Google

From one end we have the changes in marketing tools by empowering users to control and make decisions. From the other end, the government side, pressure to sites and tools that today account the 25% of all marketing spent world wide, for them is revenue taht has a double effect, one is less traffic, therefore less income, from the other end they need ot pay for copyrights to publishers. The implementation of decisions like this at the same time, will have a big negative impact on how Google and Facebook are commercializating, but also on the process of how they engage to users and how they manage the content. In fact, consumers behaviour today are more influenced by the content they are looking online, making purchase decision based on reviews and infromation they can find about friends, family and complete strangers, and with all these decisions happening, we are facing a complex scenario where consumers might have less available information about everything.

As conclusion, a very difficult discussion is happening with players, companies, government, industries and rights that will certainly will have an effect on the longer run that we will have to learn and adapt.

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