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Digital Evolution Benefits

Ramon Murguia Digital Evolution

There are many questions small and mid-size business are asking today, some are: How to evolve my business?, how to become more digital?, how to learn digital marketing?, how to sell online?. However, it is impossible to evolve without a business model impact as well. By only learning and trying to applying to your business, the information you have read online, could become into a massive mistake. Therefore, take into account other areas that are as important as just trying to become digital.

Marketing and sales have been changing for the past 30 years, the pace has been fast and the impact massive. From creating ATL campaigns that included TV ads, Radio and Billboards to mention the most important, to a new BTL approach where the point of sale, the sales relationship, the posters, incentives, engagement and experience to a new totally new consumer behaviour. Today 70% of the decision is made in front of the computer, consumers experience everything they want and interact with users they haven't ever met and talk about product or service experience and now more into a virtual reality experience that will complement the user decision process.

If we look at the following chart done by Microsoft in Philippines, the expectations are already there for the youth in a country that still has opportunities to grow.

Ramon Murguia Digital Youth

Now if you are a business seeking to evolve into digital, the first question you need to ask is, if I could start over the design of my business, how would I do it?. This will provide you with a clean start and without restrictions. Moreover, you need to start digging into other areas that might not be related somehow with digital marketing or e-commerce, such as systems that I need to implement, how to set up a web page, how to manage my leads, how to engage and create digital experiences, how to search for key words that my users are looking and googling for, how to understand consumers digital and traditional interactions today and how do I believe might evolve. These are some of the important questions you need to make and will help you on designing a new business. I call a new business because will be a totally new world. Take a look at the top 5 reasons why.

Ramon Murguia Traditional vs digital

There are benefits for a digital evolution, first you get to tailored better your customers. That is the reason that you become more efficient and you get to spend less in ads. However, as I mentioned in order to tailored your customers correctly you need to know them. As a result this will make a marketeers job easier, becoming the second reason. The third, you get to know almost everything about your consumers and a lot of data you can integrate, so numbers will become your best allied. The forth benefit is that you will become less financial risk and finally the versatility and adaptability to new trends will be part of the everyday job. Now you not only need to constantly innovate in product or service but also on the deployment of your campaigns, content, experience and engagement to create advocacy customers.

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