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Digital Enterprise Understanding

How many agencies or suppliers you receive each week selling you a new solution to help you on your digital strategy?

In a changing industry and competitive environment, It is very common for companies to try to step ahead and try to be a forefront runner in technology, since everything now seems to be resolve by new tech tools.

The first thing to set is the strategy. In today world, many companies are buying and investing in new cloud software that is presented by many agencies or new companies starting up, that seems to make sense on their offer for our business. However, how many times have you bought a service that you end up using to a minimum level or the productivity seems to be irrelevant?

There is a saying that when you do not know where your going, any turn will take you there. This is something companies should be aware of. Setting your strategy makes a target point and also a path to take. If you have clarity on where you want to take your company, you will set a process for it an then you can start assessing the technology and tools to support the process. Only then, you will make the best of any software or cloud service.

I have seen companies that buy the technology and then they try to set the process to fit the software to use it and try to have the best ROI for it. Nevertheless, doing that will become a bigger mistake than remaining the same way you are today, without the new systems.

In conclusion, for you to maximize the usage of a new tool. First set the strategy you want to achieve, design the process to achieve it and look for what technological tools will help you on the process.

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