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Top-team mindset to technology...

Ramon Murguia Top Team Challenge

Every organization today is being exposed to an external changing environment that is challenging their industry or might be going through many internal technological changes and or implementation process. There are new technologies being launched, new software, new ways of consumer interaction, new channels of communication, e-commerce, social media, reviews and new multi-industry companies playing against us that did not use to. These are just some examples to mention that are affecting companies today. However, each company reacts differently to each challenge and more important to change.

Ramon Murguia Top Team Chart

Your organization and top team could be in one of the following situations. You could be an organization that is driving the industry growth (achieving results) or is pulling down the number of the industry (being challenged). Therefore, sets an internal challenge on what to do and that is the company situation at hand. The other important dimension is about the management of the organisation or the who needs to do something. When the top team is conformed with one member (or many), that has a strong influence and fear to change the status quo for whatever reasons he/she might have. For example, past way of working has been successful, or his/her capacity to learn might not be the best. On the other hand, your organization might have a CEO that does not believe in the benefits that might be reached with new technologies, new strategic business model or how they could leveraging on external opportunities to maximize advantage in that situation. In fact, if we contrast these with a company that its management team is open for evolution and transformation, and this makes a total different behavior in the organization, the way of thinking and the results to be achieved. As you can see in the chart, the impact of the leaders, can take the organization to being in panic, constant changes, start a turnaround or become a potential benchmark. I believe that understanding where you are gives you a strong and important advantage for an internal decision.

In order to change your team mindset to a High Performance Team, there are characteristics that are necessary to establish first. Trust, respect and support. Even thought, decisions should be based on information when it comes to technology, new way of thinking, new business model, changes to the environment or simply anticipating moves on industry performance, a lot of senior executives relay on expertise and being able to predict how the future might be. This is where the entire trust, respect and support from the team becomes relevant. Sometimes, the move might come from the CEO, but what if someone else on the management team suggest the potential impact or change towards a future that is not that clear.

In order to help a change of that magnitud. Lets take a look at some stages to be implemented and manage to achieve the desire growth. The fist stage is forming a team that has the abilities to take a new challenge and is open to objectively evaluate the current status and desire outcome. The second stage is storming stage. This stage is the most complicated because the team can fail easily if the team leader do not establish a set of rules on behavior and not allowing the team to challenge authority helps a lot to make a successful team. Storming is all about pushing the boundaries and bringing ideas that might be out of the box. The third stage is modeling and here you already have a blueprint of your process and go out and seek for technologies that will help you create the process and speed that you desire. It should never be the other way around, technologies should come to help the company, the process and the people to perform better. However if you start with the technology most of the time you end up adjusting the company process and way of working to the technology and not always is the best model for your business or the best. The implementation process is a project by itself. However, once you have change the way of working with a strong organizational change management process. The last stage that is performing. If you don measure you do not correct and improve. You already have the plan, the technologies of what is achievable and the desire outcome. Therefore, create a good scorecard to make sure you are always on the right track.

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