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2007 the year that started the change of humanity.

2007 was a pivot year for human behavior and triggered a set of companies, products and innovations in different industries, that started the change of humans as we use to know them. Most of the products introduced in 2007 were technology related to helped us to discover new needs we did not know we had, to solve services that provide us with more time and to solve issues that would make our lives easier.

Let me first start with one of the most iconic products. the first iPhone, this product introduction in 2007, that almost took apple to bankruptcy, has transformed since that moment, the way industries, companies and human interacts. Moreover this same year Google introduced the Android, as a operating system. Today 99.6% of all smart phones run with these two operating systems ( The birth of these products, let many other industries to emerged.  for example, the  app industry was created and with that many of our current interactions, actions and behaviors as well were transformed.

In terms of social media and behavior in 2007 we had plenty of new players. Lets start with the

most well known of all. Facebook, by end of 2006, they got out of the university world to be made available to anyone and in a few months they already had 100,000 business and about 30 million users, today Facebook has reached a 2 billion monthly users with more than 80% of them using the application on mobile phones. From that point of view the entire marketing spend and advertising industry has been transformed. However Facebook wasn't the only platformed that exploded in 2007. Twitter, which was a micro-blogging company, was spun off to scale globally as well. Google bought Youtube on late 2006 to leverage and compete on the content competition. Today we have many players and advertising companies balancing their investments based on the usage of these technologies, today most users are concentrated in four companies mainly, but billions of users are having access every month to these platforms that have changed the way humans socialize today.

Amazon launched its Kindle e-reader in late 2007. Forbes by 2013 calculated approximately 30 million Kindle e-readers in use, transforming the book industry forever and creating the e-book revolution.

Moreover, as all these products were being launched, Airbnb was being conceived in San Francisco, Netflix announced that they will move to video on demand, the internet reached 1.3 billion of users that represented about 20% of the population (today is 51.7%). The explosion of data with all these applications and the content generation surpassed the storage capacity  available. (Source: John Gantz, IDC Corporation: The Expanding Digital Universe). In fact, a company call Hadoop was introduced this same year as the open source for big data available to everyone, generating the explosion of information.  Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework used for distributed storage and processing of dataset of big data. Moreover, IBM Watson artificial intelligence during 2007, the IBM team was given three to five years and a staff of 15 people to solve the problems from Jeopardy, by 2008 was competing with Jeopardy champions. Today  IBM Watson has applications in healthcare, teaching assistance, fashion, tax preparation, weather among others. 

There are many other products that were launched too. Nintendo Wii changed the way we play, the ZPrinter 450 a 3D printing technology, intel created the first non-silicon material, Google maps street view was introduced, Mamma-Print, a genetic test of a tumor's DNA, patients and doctors can get a better handle on how likely it is that the cancer will spread, the cost of DNA reached a 10 million dollar sequence, to start dropping fast to a low 1,000 usd in 2015.

When starting to get a grip of all new products and companies, how they start to leverage among other technologies to develop better, faster, innovative and more advance and intelligent products, we could start to see the impact on humans,  we can see what the future might be for us and how we will interact with the technology. In fact, all these developments will change our daily interactions. To conclude take a look at this projection of speed of calculations from all the top chip processors and how in some years we will reach the human brain capacity.  

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