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Jobs: Robots vs Humans

Have you ever think or consider a Robot Co-worker? would they become our competitors or peers? Do machines truly pose a threat to human usefulness?

Today robot movies have become more common. However, since 1960, there are plenty of examples that made us believe of a world that was impossible to reach. Blockbuster movies such as Odyssey 2001, Terminator, The Matrix and cartoons such as The Jetsons, Transformets, Wall-E, Big Hero are some examples of a journey where "fantasy" and reality are blend together to create a better or worst world.

The rise of machines has well and truly started. Today we have plenty of information and data that reveals that the pace of industrial automation is accelerating across much of the developed world. The international federation of robotics states that 74 installed industrial robots per 10,000 workers. China is one of the countries at the top developmnet of industrial robots, but there is no other country taht has a development as high as South Korea.

In 2016 South Korea had installed 631 industrial robots per 10,000 employees. While the United States of America is at 189. All these is mainly due to the continued implementation of high volume robots in the electronic and manufacturing sectors.

The situation today is no longer only with factory workers, At a recent Davos conference, AI an its impact on the future of work was at the top of mind for world leaders. What would be the best options that will remain on demand for humans in the near future.

Teachers. The education industry is one of the least susceptible to automation because the learning process. However, there are plenty of new companies that are developing parts of the process to become easier for teachers to evaluate, have access to content and even support the teaching. As a matter of fact, there are many innovations on the field, but the escense of education has remain the same from thousands of years. There is a teacher and there is a student. Online education has taken some market share on the begining of the process but there are few of students that succesufuly finish the programs by themselves. Requiring support throughout the process to clear doubts and leverage the learning.

Healthcare Workers. The warm and empathy is escential for humans. Still machines are felt as a transaction rather that connection. Therefore, healthcare workers are here to stay for a while. There are some technologies such as IBM watson that are helping Doctors diagnose cancer faster and more reliable with experiments that account doctors a 50% change to have a correct diagnosis while AI can get certainty above 90% for specific cancers. In the future we will have more tools that will improve the process and make it faster an better to have solutions, but will always support your process with a person to make you feel closer.

Entrepreneurs. The profile of an entrepreneur relies on two factors that are extreamly important. The first has to do with opportunity detection and the second with people managememt and team leading. Robots are very good at doing things that are programmed and process that are establish within parameters. Therefore, entreprenurs are in a position to leverage opportunities and solutions supported by technology. No wonder why the top most valued brands and comapnies today are thechnology related (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook according to Statista and Forbes) adn are less than 45 years old two fo them and 25 or less the other three.

Artists, designers and musicians. There are many examples of software that create art. Also AI that takes the some of the most like photos and create a totally new unexisted picture, the same is happening in music. However, there is a human behavior that stills value other human, rason why we havent seen many AI Galleries. There might be some initiatives to position Instagram accounts as a person, but probably the moment you know is a computer doing it drops the value. In a competitive world humans value others that with the same characyeristics and capabilities outperfomr others, in the case of computres we no longer are competing in the same circunstances.

Athlets. Following the previous thought, sports are increasing competitiveness due to technology. However, the basic competitive arena is the same for humans and therefore is valued as something that just a few humans can perform. Whatching that competitiveness make supporters and haters create the entretainment industry in sports that will remain.

Salesperson. Today marketing automation and human behavior analysis can allow you to understand when a human is ready to buy. However, being able to achive knowing and closing the deal is a hugh difference. let´s think of the following example, you might be able of knowing when a tomate is ripe and the dough is ready but taking the ingredients and making a pizza is not the same. Therefore, Thats why bots wont be passing salespeople for a while.

If you take the above information, there is a key elements in all that, creativity, value added process as well as empathy are some factors that will allow some jobs to be taken by robots longer or even not at all. However, there are plenty of examples of how technology is changing our behaiors and also new generations that are more open to these trends that will speed up the adoption process of robots into the workforce.

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