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The challenge to develop a growth mindset at collage

Ramon Murguia Growth Mindset

Most people have heard that our true intellectual potential is unknown, that we only use 10% of our brains, that our learning abilities are endless. However, many humans are still not remotely interested in studying, learning something new or even preparing and developing for the near future.

The key question that we must ask ourselves is: what would happen if today we could foresee what a person with a few years of passion, training and preparation could achieve? More importantly, how could we develop a mentality in university students that drives them to continuous growth mindset in terms of positive habits, attitude and more important their behaviors. There are many conducts that have changed today due to technology. In fact, the speed of how these comportments are changing is being faster than the understanding and the opportunity to direct them towards a positive and growing mindset, since there is a gap between the new generations that are adopting the technologies and the people who are designing the programs, regulations and plans that could lead us to our full potential.

Universities must start and become the key initiators for the future personality of students who will become employees, entrepreneurs, doctors, public servants, athletes or artists. It doesn't really matter what they will work for and what they will work on, the main objective should be how to accelerate the growth mindset and the attitude of becoming the best part of themselves, students throughout the years of college will gain certain skills and learning´s today that will transform them for the future. It could go even further, if people continually seek to learn new things and live many years longer than previous generations, our learning time schedule expands and becomes an opportunity that everyone could have and will have at hand.

Ramon Murguia Growth Mindset

We are generating more information every 13 months than all the information generated in the history of mankind. Information content is becoming exponential. However, we are not learning at the speed of content generation because we are not able to consume the amount that exists and students are not consuming the type of content that would make people develop a growth mindset. This is where we should look more closely and create the appropriate procedures and processes to develop the learning capabilities that the future of our society requires.

To provoke debate; the government, companies, society and academia must begin to evaluate the requirements that society and the new generations are looking for. Universities must create the learning processes that will provide the personalities they will provide to graduates who have those skills: from teamwork, patience, perseverance, among many more. Once the curricula are available and implemented, the government must create the appropriate regulatory environment to allow the growth mindset to succeed. Companies must develop success factors and internal development based on the growth mindset that everyone wants to create. Society and especially family members have to develop the environment for children to excel.

A growth mindset is something that has to be created and directed. If everyone leaves the process to inertia, we could end up failing as a society. Sometimes it is much more complicated and expensive to try to fix things that are already broken than what it means to anticipate, prevent them and shape them to become the humans we want to develop. The capabilities to learn are available, we have them and until today we have demonstrated that we are able to solve any problem that we have faced. How can we create a better human being that can develop a positive growth mindset to reach our full potential?

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