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Education or Money

The education industry today, is becoming one of the most innovative and at the same time most competitive industries of the current economic activity. In Mexico, there are more than 2,000 private universities alone, which constantly seek to capture the attention of prospects, through innovative programs, to the millions of leads interested in studying that are looking at offers, at all price levels and at the same time with infinite differences in quality.

These great number of options generates confusion when it comes to deciding, because messages and advertising, and all these makes future students wonder at the same time, If it is worth investing in education or using that investment and instead looking to work or start a business or something that helps them generate income as soon as possible. What to study, is one of the most important decisions for anyone, and if the decision on which university is made correct, it could become one of the most profitable decision you could make. Undoubtedly, making your degree with academic training support will allow you to more easily insert yourself to your desire work environments and become much more prepared for the demands of the current market, even if you would like to become an entrepreneur; today a select group of universities provide support and academic development to achieve exactly that. In addition, you increase the probability of fulfilling your dreams and expectations in life.

Taking the above, when it comes to education we can find courses or programs of high or low cost. However, considering the following factors when choosing an academic program of lower economic value becomes more relevant to maximize your investment and results.

1. Economic value does not determine your future

In order to choose a course or degree to study, you will be focusing your knowledge and your future working life in a specific academic area and without a doubt, it is a decision that you should not leave to chance. Even when evaluating your possibilities and developing a realistic budget for your studies, I recommend you to be guided by the quality of the academic content of the course of your choice and not by the price only. There are many universities that are of moderate cost with a high academic level, because of their powerful business model. However, the best incentive in the educational field, is to study something that you are really passionate about or with what you feel highly identified, this way you will motivate yourself and continue to strive even when things get a little difficult.

2. Academic dropout

At the same time, motivation in your studies plays a fundamental role in the adequate reach of your educational goals. The phenomenon of student dropout is very common in hundreds of higher education institutions around in Mexico, the SEP reports a terminal rate of 55% of people who start. The main factors are academic and economic reasons, however some occasions are due to changes of address, hence the importance of knowing what you want to study and the cost. Which leads to the third point.

3. Cost-benefit ratio in your academic choice

Currently, there are thousands of educational institutions throughout the country with high quality accreditations in their academic programs. A high quality in your education will be the best gift you can give in the future, knowing that knowledge is a unique element that will give you a competitive advantage, not only with labor market, but in all other aspects of your life. So, at the time of making your choice it is important to have several options of courses or educational programs and analyze the different variables in relation to the cost-benefit that you can obtain as a result of a given institution. Do not skimp on the quality of education or the academic content of the program you want to study because of the economic factors.

4. Value Added Services.

Few universities in Mexico offer additional services to the academic side. This should be part of the equation for your decision, since having services such as your own job bank, job fairs, entrepreneurship, workshops, sports, etc., becomes a non-monetary value that helps round off academic knowledge and develop both physical and cultural, emotional and mental. So that you have within reach a network of friendships and activities, professional practices and mentoring services that will separate you from the rest.

Finding institutions that help in the academic process, with relevant and current programs, at an affordable price for your pocket and also offer value-added services to students, place the most limited number of options to really leverage your development, but also increases the possibilities of having a more promising future.

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