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Entrepreneurs vs technology

Ramon Murguia Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs know the main challenges they face today, have to do with people, technology and innovation budget restriction. To be more specific, hiring people is a challenge that everyone has, big corporations, NGO´s, transnational companies, mid size business, government and entrepreneurs are not the exception. As a matter of fact, the ability to hire and retain skilled workers is something that has become more of an art than a science for many hiring managers or owners. The second challenge today that entrepreneurs are facing is related to the changing environment. Technology and innovation are making the market place a dynamic battlefield. Therefore, the growing demand for mobile and self-service applications, is something that is keeping entrepreneurs up at night. Finally, based on the previous two challenges, entrepreneurs are deciding and learning how to be innovative while maintaining a budget.

Today, entrepreneurs have a leverage against big companies related to the challenges they face and that leverage is the same that every small company must have. That benefit is speed. Entrepreneurs face less bureaucracy and shorter processes for most of the decisions he or she has to make. However, relaying everything in one person requires a lot of expertise and skills and we want to understand how entrepreneurs can benefit from tools that are already available for them.

Current technology allow entrepreneurs to have access to large databases of skill workers, from LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and many workforce search databases. As a first step, having a large pool of has never been available in these large amounts before, even to corporations and less imaginable to small companies or entrepreneurs. Now that you have the database available,

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how to evaluate and hire skill people become the second problem they face. In the past article “and your social score is and your place in society is...” you can get a sense of what tools might be out there to evaluate certain competencies related to treating other people, social relationship, personal management, to mention a few potential already available tools. In a near future, they will be able to evolve to more sophisticated tools such as Cortana, Watson, Google assistance or any other artificial intelligence personal assistance, to support the evaluation process as mentioned in the article called “the evolution of human decisions”. These technological tools are some options to help entrepreneurs to assess one of the challenges they face today.

Ramon Murguia Entrepreneurship apps

When it comes to the second challenge that entrepreneurs have related to manage the growing demand for mobile and self-service applications, is something that also has some technological tools and development to support them. There are several products for them to explore. If as an entrepreneur, you would like to develop services that support you on the digital era you can have services such as appyourself, appmakr, genwi, mippin, mobicart, just to mention some of what is available. All these apps are design for entrepreneurs to create a specific app or process that allows them to have e-commerce, CRM, information, blogs, etc. And support the technological developments and innovation to be up to date. The last challenge is more of a mindset and can be supported by technology. In order to innovate managing restricted budgets, entrepreneurs have a big task to manage. But there are some tips from the article where they mention some support advice on innovation and budget. For example, 1. Define your own big mission, 2. Startups are agile, use this to your advantage, 3. Make your product better than the original, 4. Lean on accelerators and business pros. As you can read the tips are about how your mindset works. However, when it comes to building some strategic ideas and making them happen, you can always support them with technology if you wish for that.

If entrepreneurs leverage on some of the tools mentioned in this article, they will be covering some of the internal challenges most common to them. Therefore, they can concentrate to beat the competition, be ready or ahead to fast market changes, create efficient cost and processes that support their business, maximize customers satisfaction, among some of the external and primary focus activities that every business should be handling.

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