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The behavioral impact of technology

Have you ever wonder how we have changed in our daily behavior because of the technology and we haven't even realize it. I have seen in many summits, presentations and conferences a set of pictures and videos that induced me to share them and to recap on how some of our behavior has changed and how technology innovation has been the driver for this. Let's start with the best summary that I have seen in terms of what a desk looked like in 1981 and how 35 years of evolution in technology have changed the entire way we operate. Most millennial will not have a reference of it, since they where being born when the evolution of the video is starting. However, you would probably easily will understand how fast has been in the last years of the video. If we analyze the video the first 20 years, the speed of change is basically slow. However if we see when it speeds up is basically in 2006-2007. Now, what happen then to make this change faster and even exponential? lets take a look at the following picture: