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Do we have options for the saturation of careers in Mexico?

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Students and professionals in Mexico have concentrated education in few educational programs; However, there is a wide range of academic options that are not being considered by young people.

Data from the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES), indicate that there are 3,595 programs available in all the academic faculties of the country, with an enrollment of 4,210,250 students. However, in Mexico, the 10 most concentrated careers registered, accumulate 29.4% of the total number of students, while there are 198 programs that do not have or have only one registered school. The most popular degrees in our country are: Law, Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Administration, Nursing, Business Administration, Computer Systems Engineering, Business Management Engineering, Civil Engineering and Public Accounting.

We could think that they are the ones with the highest labor supply, however, these 10 programs concentrate 3 out of 10 graduates in Mexico, generating a supply saturation in a market where organizations do not have the capacity to employ the generations that are graduating, besides adding professionals already looking for employment opportunities, resulting in an extremely competitive market.

Several studies in the United States indicate that only 1 in 3 people work in fields related to their career. Mexico is not the exception. The recruitment and selection firm A30 Group, noted that, currently, two out of every three graduates of any profession perform a totally different job than what they studied.

Additionally, he mentions that 65% of the labor sources for the young people who are currently studying have not been created and with the technological developments, automation and information technologies will be the basis of short-term jobs. It is worth mentioning that only 17% of the educational offer in Mexico are Engineering programs. So we continue to concentrate or saturate a few programs and not incentivizing opportunities.

Develop qualified talent for performance at work

Beyond the issue of the professional field for graduates of the most popular careers, companies have begun to value for the recruitment of their staff, the development of competencies for work performance. This refers to the concept of soft skills, those related to the effective practice of attitudes, communication or relationship with others, among others.

Currently, there are very few universities aware of the importance of enriching the academic training of the student, with this type of skills that will favor their development when exercising their profession, or even for any job they do.

A tool that facilitates the student to know their skills is the PDA Assessment, with which he manages to analyze his behavioral profile and thus position himself effectively in the job, while making a comparison with the skills of the desired career or profession.

Leadership, teamwork, persuasion, effective communication, to mention a few, are the competencies that employers have begun to emphasize to select the best candidates and are perhaps the skills that will open the doors to graduates of the most successful careers. defendants.

* Author: Ramón Murguía, Institutional Director of Marketing of Aliat Universities.

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