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Online vs Offline Education

Ramon Murguia online vs offline

Fierce profesional competition is pushing high caliber professionals to prepare further academically in order to become more competitive, they are not leaving a single stone unturned to outperform anyone in their way. However, there are books that aim to specific subjetcs and sometimes you might require more that one book to reach what you are looking for. In fact, this is where online and courses play a key role to sum up information to add value to professionals. Thus online and offline modes of learning today go hand-in-hand trying to empower, enlighten and expand knowledge.

Considering the fast-paced lifestyle of professionals and potential students, they could struggle to strike a good balance between academics and co-curricular activities, e-learning offers a flexible environment for them. The offer of e-learning encourage students to take on more responsibility to acquire knowledge on subhjects they require. There are many universities that have started sharing courses online making them abailable to more students across in any parts of the world. This methodology provides a simplified and comfortable way to acquire speciallized knowledge in many fields and faculties, ranging from Management, Marketing, Finance, Coding, Sociology, Psychology to mention a few of the potential areas of intrest.

Online learning comes with an excesive amounts of features to attract potential student into the digital community, some of the benefits includ time flexibility, location and pace of learning, resources available and interactivity. For example, There are a number of video lectures uploaded online that provide a more meaning learning experience, some of such options are pausing, rewinding, replaying, adding to favorites etc., thus making learning much more efficient and deepen in what really intrest students. The methods of presentation as well as the varied innovative techniques used to test one’s understanding of the subject makes online courses highly interactive.

In terms of pricing and accesibility, there are a lot of ranges. Most online courses are cost-effective and adds advantage to offline. However, other online options tend to be more expensive due to some levers. Some of those levers include, branding, specialization of subject, student network, support, technology, systems and accesability to enterprises to mention a few of the value added options some universitites are exploring. However, at the same time, e-learning has its own pros and cons. Although it could be highly interactive, it doesn’t provide the space to ask questions or doubts and get them cleared immediately. Connectivity is a major obstruction in some áreas and the smooth flow of learning gets interrumped or cancelled. Moreover, some courses tend to be more self instructed, even at navigating the system that makes students confuusion or make mistakes. These factors can generate doubts, thus a bad experience, causing a break in the continuity and reducing overall efficiency. Besides this, certain certification courses are quite expensive, thereby limiting its reach. Several advertisements, unwanted links and pop-ups may easily distract the students. These are the possible reasons why many still prefer offline mode of learning.

In 2016, The World Economic Forum published an article that mentioned "the e-learning market was worth an enormous $166.5 billion. It’s been estimated that this will grow to $255 billion by 2017. Its growing financial value is matched only by the swelling numbers of students choosing to follow an online course."That is a 53% growth in value in one year. Moreover, "In the latest Global Shapers Survey of 25,000 young people from across the world, 77.84% of respondents reported having taken online courses in the past. So is online learning the future of education?" Food for thought but at the same time opportunities to continue growing in knowledge and become more competitive.

Ramon Murguia World Economic Forum

Source. World Economic Forum

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