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Education at all times

The world is going through a major challenge, the Covid-19 pandemic is testing all Organizations, Companies, Governments and Universities are no exception. The economy is being affected in the world and the countries are activating emergency plans to contain the impacts that this may generate, basically we are all in a moment of sanitary, economic and continuity crisis. It is moments like these that challenge us, we are constantly hearing that the impact can affect up to 20% of jobs. However how can we prepare for this? What can be done in these cases? Technological systems and networks can support us in everything to build knowledge, business and distance selling platforms, to be able to cope with the business in times of a storm. In the case of education, few universities are prepared to be able to continue providing the educational services that are needed with the same quality and content. We have heard that all the large universities are migrating to an online version, however what they are really doing is a remote version, where they connect through a platform and you see the teacher in real time giving the same content that would give you in class. This is a temporary measure that helps in continuity and emergency, but it has its risks since it is not scalable, it still depends on the connectivity of the teacher, students and attendance in real time. Aliat Universities and its network of Universities throughout the country, has a model focused on the student, in their life plan and has platforms where there are contents that students can view online 24/7, in addition to containing videos, documents, and live sessions, so a student can see the content of their classes whenever they can and move from 100% online to 20%, always keeping the teacher involved and without losing the human touch, but maintaining continuity, scalability, and leveraged technologies to aid student progress and a cornerstone of true education. The mission of Aliat Universities is to transform Mexico through education and with the implementation of these tools, designed to support students at all times, it is emerging as one of the most advanced institutions in this area.

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