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Don't fight the systems that exist, create new ones.

Two questions come to my mind about creativity and business. 

1. How creativity can help business success? 2. Do business create the right environment for teams to maximize the creative potential? 

In a world where technology seems to be the priority, every day more and more discussions are around what systems will help us and how artificial intelligence will support our process and maximize our productivity. Moreover, it seems to be a change in what use to be innovation and creative thinking as a business driver to technology. However, every business success has started with and idea, a different way to see the world and executing that idea. Therefore, creating the right space and environment for teams, giving them the time to challenge the status quo and with the right incentives every business can strive consistently and constantly to success. 

The creative process has to have the right space but more importantly a clear objective, focus and a team players that are committed to it. However, business today are growing more into a model where change is less important, as a matter of fact, speed and technology are becoming what moves organizations. 

In a business world where everything is moving fast, how fast are we trying to assess if we are on the right track or we need to evolve, challenge or create. 

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