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Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, Business Development &
Academic Professor

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APLatam - Commercial and Business Development

The best way to make a change in this world is through education. Our OPM provides the best service and cost to maximize the number of students and really make a difference. We are focus on delivering the best practice in generating future students, enrolling, maintaining and graduating them throughout a top student experience online.  

Ramon Murguia CMO

ALIAT UNIVERSIDADES - Chief Marketing Officer

Education has remain the same for centuries and we are in a revolutionary moment where everything is evolving, digitalized or is being transform. Education should not be the exception. Developing talent throughout education is the mission of our everyday responsibilities. Doing it in a work environment that sets a new standard, improving our corporate and universities brands, setting a new long term strategy and developing the best experience for our students is what moves all of us.

Ramon Murguia Marketing Director

TEC DE MONTERREY - Marketing Director

Responsible for brand strategy and content for one of the largest and most prestigious higher education institutions in the world. Including hospitals, sweepstakes, higher education, university and preparatory school.

Ramon Murguia BAT

BAT - Senior Management Positions in Mexico, UK ad Japan

International experience managing functions from trade marketing, sales, route to market, brand management, human resources, regulation and corporate affairs as well as project management. Worked and lived in Mexico City, Monterrey, London, Tokyo and traveled throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia for global implementation projects.

Ramon Murguia Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Company - Trade, Sales and Marketing Positions

Defined brand marketing strategy, develop TV campaigns, promotional activities and communication for the company most important brand. Segmentation of consumers, based on behaviors and consumption rates; manage the Football National team promotions and communication and 8 of the league teams sponsorship.


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