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The use of analytics to shake the supermarket industry by Amazon. Examples to follow?

How you ever wonder how the management of information will transform industries?. Lets take the supermarket industry for example. From a reading on, the first day that Amazon acquire Wholefoods, they lowered the prices of eggs, beef and avocados among others.

Amazon is well know by transforming analytics into sells, and this will not be the exception. By taking consumer behavior and transforming patterns into call to action, Amazon will revolutionize the way we shop in supermarkets.

Imagine the digital information the supermarket industry will have. Location, usage, timing, expenditure, logistics, etc., they will gather all that information and challenge the industry to a level that our mind hasn't start to comprehend.

There is a lesson learned here, what other industries should be taking this approach and transform the way they do business?. There are some that comes to mind, education, fast food, FMCG among others. The fact that they are using analytics does not mean they are changing the game.

Please make comments if you think the industry your working on has an opportunity to transform the way they use analytics.

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